Friday, January 2, 2015

Dark Night Giveaway + First Blog Post of 2015!

Congratulations to Sandra Lam from Canada, winner of a signed copy of Dark Night! Woo!!!

That being said, today’s blog post is going to be about running contest, giveaways, and/or promos.

I've had a few giveaways at this point and have to say that depending on what the prize is you might not get the results you are looking for. You want to make sure that you are not giving away something that has nothing to do with your book, like for example a T.V. Though I doubt anyone would do such a thing, still there are people out there that would give away something BIG.

For my giveaway, I did something cliched but in my opinion is one of the best options you have which is a free signed copy of your own book. By doing this you know for sure who out there, really wants to read you work and is more than happy to enter and subscribe for your newsletters.

Remember that you want people to know who you are and what you do, not by what item you are going to give away next but by your work! –S.R.

Stefany Rattles

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