Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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I was eighteen when I first decided that I wanted to write a book. This was after reading the whole Twilight series and yes I was part of the vampire crazed fans, in a way still am. Of course after reading that series I moved on to another, then another and soon I had a notebook where I wrote down all of the books that I’d read over a year.

There was a pattern, there were a few authors that I liked and ended up reading most of their books. Stephenie Meyer was one of the first ones, simply because I am a fan of the books. After her came Richelle Mead and to this day she is my favorite author. I’ve read almost all of her series and I can honestly say that she inspired me to write.

Even though my first book has not been published (it may never be), it was a young adult paranormal book that was about super heroes. After that I realized that it was not really what I wanted to write about and decided that I wanted to tell a vampire story. That’s when Dark Night, my first YA series was created.

For the longest time after I was done writing it, it sat on my computer for years. By the time that I’d read so many books, I realized that Dark Night needed to be published. Finally in early 2014, I took a chance and put out the first book in the series and later in the year I released the sequel.

In the end I think all of the books that I’ve read have inspired me to keep writing even though it began with teenage vampires, now I really enjoy romance. There will always be a place in my heart for the Dark Night series but I am really looking forward to seeing how the Sweet Dreams series goes. On top of reading paranormal and romance books, I mainly let the scenery and people around me inspire me to write. Whether that is just by having a conversation with a friend or people watching, there is always something out there that will give me the inspiration I need to tell a good story.

BookwormBridgette's World: BLOG TOUR: Wildest Dreams by Stefany Rattles GUEST...: Wildest Dreams Sweet Dreams Series Book 1 Stefany Rattles Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense ISBN: 978-1500659530 A...

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