Friday, March 6, 2015

Vacation Reflections

It's funny how you live your life and don't stop to think what's next? (At least not really think about it)

During my vacation I learned several things. One being that I didn't really grasp how much I really do each day until my friend pointed it out. She said that working, doing school, and writing a book was her idea of me doing great. 

I thought about it, and thought about it. She was right in a way, I am doing great because I am doing several things at once which not everyone can do or is willing to. But as I thought about it more, I also began to realize that I am moving fast. Starting my job at my current employer in the fall of 2013 and just now moved onto another position. Published 3 books last year and started school last fall. 

Yeah, great accomplishments but to me that's still not enough. I am not where I want to be. There's still so much more I want to do and if I think about it, I will probably stress out which is what I do when there's a lot on my plate (or at least I think there is). 

While I was taking a bath, (favorite place to think clearly) I realized that I am always in a hurry. During my vacation, everything I did was as if I was in a hurry and was going to be late for something which I really wasn't but I could not help it.

The one thing that I definitely didn't get to do was relax. Come to think of it, there just didn't seem to be any time to relax which is absurd (I know, I'm not working) but still, running around Orlando and going from park to park each day was exhausting to my mind and body. 

I will miss this place though and I'm happy that my kids got to see it and enjoy it. But I am ready to go back to real life and face everything that is waiting for me back home, work, school work and book stuff. 

It has been a break, definitely. Hopefully on my two weeks vacation coming up in the fall I can plan some kind of relaxing time. Who knows?

My advise to you is to take it easy, work hard, play hard but don't over do it. 
In the end it is you who is living your life.
Ask yourself, "am I satisfied?"


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